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Your Greatest Marketing Asset? You

Your business is not the place. It's not the address or the office space.

Your business is not the radio jingle, logo or the quick and witty punchline. Your business is your people, their knowledge and their skill.

Light Bulb Moment

Recently, at, we had a bit of an epiphany, a light bulb moment if you will. We realised that all of our clients have something in common and we are pretty sure that this common element is one of the key reasons they repeatedly come back to us.

You see they don't want us to make up a story around their business. They don't want us to dolly them up or filter them out or make them sound good. Nothing we do with our clients is invented or contrived. They don't need to come up with a story because they already have one.

7 Questions

Their story is the people they work with, the knowledge and skill those people possess and the passion they have for what they offer the world. The only reason they bring us on board is because we are good at facilitating the telling of that story. It does help that we shoot good footage, are pretty nifty when it comes to video editing and our writers are top class - but let's not make it all about us for now.

Instead, see if you can answer these 7 key questions:

Do you fell passionate about your business?

Do you know your business better than anyone else?

Can you tell people what you do in plain English?

Do your colleagues know how to tell people what you do in plain English?

Do you have a story?

Do you believe in what you do?

Do your colleagues believe in what you do?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, then you already have your greatest marketing assets - passion, knowledge and people.

If you believe in your business and you believe in the people who help you make that business happen then creating your marketing assets is easy.

They are sitting right in front of you (even if, at the moment, it might be on Zoom).

If you would like to chat to us about the work we do and how we can help you tell your story, please drop us an email:

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