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To Shave or Not to Shave - Twenty-oneish small things to think about before we say 'ACTION'

We have been around a while and we have learnt quite a lot. Every time we go out we learn something new. At the beginning of our adventure in sound & vision, we came away with something different every day. We always wrote it down and over time we have built on it.

Now before we go out to shoot, we send our each client a list. There are not rules as such, they might not even be recommendations, they are simply twenty-oneish small things to think about before we say 'ACTION!'.

Here's looking at you

- Guys, if you have to shave, do it the day/night before. It's better to look a little rugged than red and raw.

- Ladies and gents go easy on the make-up.

- If you have long hair, wear it long.

- Don’t wear stripes and/or checks if possible.

- It's a good idea to ask to see the shot(s) before we film. There’s no going back once the camera is rolling.

- Remove any bracelets and/or jewellery that rattles, jingles or shines too much.

- Ask the film makers if you have any fluff or other 'particles' that the camera is picking up...particularly if you are wearing black.

- Remove lanyards especially if you are a sub-contractor.

Before your starring roll

- If you’ve said yes you can’t say no on the day.

- When you are being interviewed turn off your phone or go to aeroplane mode.

- Try your best not TO START your part(s) with “So”, “Well” or "I suppose". Get straight in there and try to be confident.

- This is NOT LIVE it will be edited and we want to make you look good

- Nobody is trying to catch you out - see above

- The camera is just another person. Try to imagine you are in a pub and the camera is just another person at another table that you can’t look at directly.

- Finish with a definite statement.

Before we roll

- Take a deep breath BEFORE we start to film. We will count you in so when you see the hand go up, inhale. We won’t start count down until you’re ready to breath out again

- Look at the person that’s asking the questions and don’t worry if he/she is not saying anything back to you like ‘mmm’, ‘oh really?’ , ‘oh that’s interesting’. He can’t but he will be nodding along with you as you tell your story.

And Finally

- Be prepared to do a second and maybe even a third take.

- Remember the whole movie is about 5 - 7 minutes long so your part will be short & sweet.

- It will be over in a flash.

- Enjoy it

If you would like to chat to us about the work we do and how we can help you tell your story, please drop us an email:

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