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Finding it hard to recruit? Let your team write their chapter in your company’s story.

At we were recently asked to write a series of blogs featuring members of Ireland’s most progressive security company.

Our client wanted to demonstrate its commitment to diversity in its hiring process and in turn attract potential recruits to its growing team.

Aware that there is a perception of a one-size-fits-all approach in its industry, the client was determined to let people know it was already in the business of breaking the mould when it came to recruitment in security.

After a short consultation, we agreed to take a two strand approach, focussing either on the individual’s role within the company or the path they took to their position within the company.

The crux of what we were after was the same; to create an affinity for potential recruits.

That is, we found personas, already within the company, that potential clients could relate to.

Our interviewees included a 61-year-old former Garda, a former barman in his mid-thirties, a former champion women’s boxer from Poland and a mother from Portugal who works as a security officer for one the company's top international clients.

Every candidate was a far cry from the stock image of a security guard and many had fascinating back stories.

In tandem with a series of videos created by, the response to the blogs has been enormous and has lead to an increased interest in the company’s available roles.

Blogs are an inexpensive, but more importantly, genuine way of promoting your company to potential recruits.

At, we are always available to help you tell your story.

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